Monday, 24 November 2014

3 Winter Destinations

Im not a massive fan of cold climates but these are 3 wintery destinations I would love to visit. 

Reykjavik Iceland

I first heard about Reykjavik a few years ago and It looks like such a pretty and colourful city. A great place to explore, shop, eat and discover beautiful scenery. Its also one of the best places to see the Northern lights which Is on my bucket list so naturally this is a place I want to go to. There is also the blue lagoon which is a geothermal pool that I would love to chill out in. 

Northern Lights (Photo from pixabay)

Lapland, Finland

So I might be a 20 something adult but I still want to visit Santa's village. It just seems so magical and looks like amazing fun. I would love a husky sled ride too, mainly because I would love a husky one day. Whilst in Finland staying in a snow hotel or a glass igloo sounds like my idea of fun too, it also happens to be on bucket list as well. 

Husky Sled Ride (Photo from pixabay)


Ive always envisioned spending a Christmas holiday in Switzerland with my family staying in a log cabin with big open roaring fire with days spent snowboarding. Again this is all something that is on my bucket list. I have no real plan as to where in Switzerland but if anyone knows a place that fits the above description do let me know. A scenic train ride is something I would like to do in Switzerland too. 

Cosy Log Cabin (Photo from pixabay)

Are there any winter destinations you would love to visit? Have you been to any of the places on my list?