Tuesday, 23 December 2014

That Time I Went To Winter Wonderland and Saw The Coca Cola Truck

I finally got to the Winter Wonderland in London this year and also stopped off to see the Coca Cola truck. It was definitely worth going but Im feeling rather ill after spending all day in London I don't do well in big cites. Lots of noise, lights and crowds its to much sensory overload for me and it stopped me being able to sleep as I can't switch off and I feel disorientated. So this will be a short post but photo heavy. I did take lots of photos but my camera really let me down, for some reason it didn't take photos in the dark very well. So some photos may be blurry and in the end I did give up taking photos.

I went with a friend and the trip started of with me losing my train ticket and I had to go search for it luckily some dude was standing on it. I had to politely ask him if he could move so I could retrieve it. After a short train ride we arrived at London Liverpool Street and went on a search for the coca cola truck, It wasn't to hard to find.

There was such a good vibe there they had Christmas music, a snow machine and they were giving out free coca cola. 

We lined up in the short cue to have our photo done by the truck and we also took lots of photos of the truck ourselves. After spending some time at the truck it was time to go back to the station and head to Hyde park.

We arrived at the Winter wonderland and wandered around for a bit and took in the atmosphere.

We had pre-booked to go into the Ice Kingdom so we found our way there. The ice kingdom is -8 degrees and is home to ice and snow sculptures and an ice slide. If there wasn't an ice slide I would say that it isn't worth paying to go into the Ice kingdom but the slide made it for me even though it lasted 2 seconds and we had to cue for ages.

After the Ice kingdom we went on two rides my favourite I think was called the snow jet which was so much fun. But when the ride begins to stop you realise what the ride has done to you your stomach turns, you feel completely dizzy and disorientated. It was so funny watching everyone get of the ride and have to stand for 5mins before you could move safely.

The winter wonderland is massive you could easily spend 3 days there but you would also have no money left in your bank. Although its free to get in and wander around each attraction cost £10 or more and the rides cost between £4-9 each. There was lost of stalls selling Christmassy stuff and food but we didn't stop and look at anything as it was to busy and chaotic. I would go back again as it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the atmosphere.

Have you been to a Winter Wonderland this year, What did you think?