Monday, 5 January 2015

A Day In Camden

Last Friday a friend invited me to go to Camden to hang out with her on her Birthday. I hadn't been to Camden for a few years so I was excited to go back as it is such a vibrant and colourful place. I was a little worried before going that Camden would be a complete sensory overload. When I go to busy places like Camden it can really effect me and make me unwell but I actually tolerated it really well.

Once in Camden we walked up the street and had a look in a few shops. One of the reasons I love Camden is for its unique shops, decor on the outside of shops and a host of different people doing different things.

Camden also has a Canal with food stalls along the edge.

We ate at Cookies and Scream which is a little food stall that sells vegan and gluten free goodies and treats. It was the first time I had eaten vegan and gluten free food and I have to say everything I tasted was delicious. I definitely recommend going and it wasn't to hard to find.

After we stuffed our faces with deliciousness we headed into the markets and stables. I love the constant smell of the different food stalls as you walk along and shop. And theres always something to look at around every corner. 

There is so much to see and do in Camden you could easily spend a few days there looking around. I really enjoyed getting to hang out with my friend and spend the day somewhere different. 

Have you been to Camden ? Can you recommend any cool places to visit?

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