Friday, 5 February 2016

A Day In Cambridge

After much debating with myself as to what I should do and where to go for my first trip of the year I decided to go to Cambridge. Cambridge is only about an hour away from where I live by train and although I have been there a few times it was a very very long time ago. On this trip my brother joined me and as I sat there on the train it brought back memories of how we use to travel as young kids on our own by train every other Friday into London it was the first time I felt free and like I was on an adventure.
Botanic Gardens Pond.  
We arrived in Cambridge with no plans which I don't normally do because a plan is usually needed to work around my chronic illness. I pulled up google maps and saw that the botanic gardens were nearby so that was our first stop, we payed the £5 entrance fee and headed in. In hindsight it was probably a little pointless going in the winter as nothing was blooming but it was still fun to wonder around and see what we would discover. I particular liked the pond as that's where there was the most photo opportunities and the most wildlife, nature and people. I also really appreciated how many benches there were as it allowed me to take lots of breaks.

Pretty much the only time you will see me with a real smile on my face is when Im surrounded by nature.
After the gardens we decided to track down the river cam and follow it up to where all the universities are. Surprisingly we found the river pretty easily and it was nice to walk along seeing what wildlife we could spot and it was also interesting seeing what people were getting up to, people were actually sitting and writing outdoors by the river. I like that I think surrounding yourself with nature and writing is a top idea. Once we reached the universities we wandered until we found an area where there were cafes and shops which I was very pleased to see as I was in pain, hungry and needed a wee! Once all my needs were met we found ourselves sat on a wall trying to figure out what we wanted to do next when we were approached by a man asking if we wanted to go punting down the river and told about the history of the universities. I was well up for that I had seen the boats go up and down the river but I had never been on one and it meant I could rest and sit for an hour and get a tour from a different perspective to what I would see on foot.

What a lovely day to go punting down the river Cam.
We took our places at the back of the boat and I mention this because if you can sit at the front id recommend it, if you sit at the back your likely to get wet from the punt pole. Although this rather amused my brother and I. Our guide was really friendly and liked to get to know us all before telling us about the history of Cambridge. Now id like to say I learnt a lot and give you some information about the universities but I was rather busy snapping away on my camera ! This seems to be a bit of an issue with me I get so wrapped up in taking photos and looking around appreciating the moment that I don't focus on anything that's being said.  The only thing I remember is the guide telling us how much it cost to stay in the dorms and us all being shocked by how cheap it was. That was all I really needed to know before my mind started thinking, hey maybe I should study in Cambridge and I spent a while trying to convince myself that university sounded like a great idea. I enjoyed our little float up and down the river and would recommend it as a must do in Cambridge.

Such Beautiful Architecture. 
We then wandered through some of the charming streets stopping every 20 seconds to look at or read something whilst trying not to get run over by bikes.

What Charming Bikes They Have In Cambridge.
At this point I had started taking photos on my phone instead of my DSLR because I was growing tired of carrying my camera ( I had forgotten my sling strap rookie mistake!). I took a bunch of photos, really cool photos might I add and of course my memory card failed me, I wont go into that to much cause I'm still not over it ! Oh well I have the memories. We found ourselves back at the shops and really hungry. I would like to say we went into some cool hip good vibes cafe and ate but we went to subway and McDonald's! Sometimes you just need food quick, ok.

It was at this point both us seemed to lose all sense of direction and walk in the wrong way of the chapel we was going to go look at. As we were already walking in the direction of the train station we decided that it was time to return home we were pleased with how spent the day. It was fun to spend the day exploring somewhere new and doing something different. It was also nice to spend some time with my brother his not much of a conversationalist and he seems to think I cant cross roads safely but he laughs at my jokes which makes me feel like a cool little sister.

My plan wasn't to keep track and share what I spend on these trips but being the ever conscious spender that I am I just decided that it would be a good idea to keep track and show you how much I spent and on what. Who knows it might be helpful to at least one of you.

Trip Cost 
Return train ticket £11.00
Botanic Gardens   £5.00
Punting Tour        £10.00
Food and Drink    £6.00
Total                     £32.00


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  1. I have been to Cambridge. It's a gorgeous place! We didn't go on the river though - that looks so cool! What a fantastic first trip! Overuse of exclamation marks! lol