Monday, 4 April 2016

A Week In Brighton

I took a week trip to Brighton with my mum. I had made plans to see one of my best friends who lives down there and I had lots of ideas of things I wanted to see and do. Unfortunately all my plans went in a tissue,  I had caught the lergy I had a cough, cold etc. It was beyond irritating as I had managed to stay away from colds, viruses and the flu for more than 10 months, but sods law I get a cold on the week I go away. I spent most of the week staring at the walls of my hotel room !

When we arrived at our hotel in Brighton we had a problem we was unable to stay there as the hotel had no lift and our room was on the third floor. With my mums mobility problems and my health problems this was not going to work. What was more annoying is that my mum had sent them a message explaining we needed a ground room floor. We then found out very quickly that the lady who owned the hotel was computer illiterate and didn't know how to scroll down and read the special requirements!  Id like to say this is a one off situation but this kinda of thing happens to us all the time ! We spent the next two hours trying to find another hotel.

The hotel we eventual settled into was called the Royal Albion and it had a lift, only one and you often had to wait five minutes to get in it, but once you were in it took you to the floor you needed so, winning. The room was spacious and it had a jacuzzi bath id never been in one of those before so It was nice to relax init with some tunes blaring out. I have to say if you have a cold and are really congested all the steam from the bath really helps.

Although I did spend the majority of the week in the hotel room I did get out a few times mostly to eat dinner. If your expecting to see photos of lots of food you will be disappointed I pretty much never took any photos of food.

Our hotel was right across from the sea and pier and to my surprise my mum wanted to go on this wheel she doesn't normally like this kind of thing. I on the other hand I love anything that takes me above ground level. The wheel was great for taking photos from a higher level and it was just nice to see Brighton from a different perspective.

This was the only piece of graffiti I managed to see which was a shame I love walking around Brighton finding street art.

My dream travel vehicle although I would like it in blue or multicoloured and I would convert the inside to the ultimate travel experience.

On the only day I managed to see my friend we mostly just wandered the streets going into awesome shops like this sweet shop. I was banned from eating Nerds growing up as apparently they made me too hyper.

Oh look a food photo. This was a rice and curry dish with a portion of wedges it was most delicious and also vegan. Im not actually vegan but my friend is and I'm very aware and conscious about making better food choices for the environment and animals. ( I am vegetarian in case you was wandering)

Theres a lot of cafes and restaurants that cater for vegans in Brighton and I think its wonderful to have that choice and not feel like you cant go out and eat delicious food this was my vegan hot chocolate.

By day 4/5 of being ill I was majorly frustrated at sitting in my hotel room and not being able to see anything so I took a trip out to get medication and stopped of to see the Royal Pavilion.

On the last day of being in Brighton I dragged myself out as my mum and myself wanted to take a trip to Brighton Marina via the electric train. It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone was making the most of it chilling on the beach.

We caught the train to the marina where we ate at an Italian restaurant, checked out the boats and got rocky horror desserts. To be honest this little outing was a blur for me I was totally not with it and kept dreaming of a bed, but I'm glad I went trains are fun.

On the day of going home I had a craving for pancakes so I turned to my good friend google and found this place an american dinner. It was super awesome I could of spent all day looking and reading the things they had on the walls. Also 'tom and jerry' was playing on the TV who doesn't like watching cartoons whilst eating breakfast.

Oh the goodness deliciousness that was these pancakes I just wish I was able to eat them both but I was defeated.

My friend had kindly given me her free smoothie voucher so I purchased one for the journey home.

That was my week in Brighton it didn't go to plan and I feel a little cheated as I didn't get to have all the fun I wanted to have but I guess thats life. I did get to go on the wheel, take the electric train to the marina, see my friend and eat some yummy food.