Monday, 16 May 2016

That Time I Went To Woburn Safari Park

A couple of Saturdays ago two friends and I travelled to Woburn Safari Park to go hang out in the wild for the day. In all honestly the drive through safari was a bit poop because all the animals were sleeping or had disappeared to some hiding place because it was so hot, 22 degrees to be exact but its ok I forgive them. It really was a beautiful day to be wandering around outdoors looking at the adorable animals and taking photos. We went on a swan pedalo boat I sat in the back and let my friends do all the peddling, I felt like the queen being chauffeured around. I also got into some weird conversation/argument with a guy who I had never met before about what I was going to eat for lunch for some reason he kept persisting that I was vegan and I wouldn't be able to eat here 'I was like dude I'm vegetarian I just don't eat meat'. According to my camera I took 998 photos but obviously il just show you some of the ones that turned out half decent.

Probably the best photo I have ever taken :)

I got told off for taking this photo because I had the window rolled all the way down!

Best looking land rover ever

What you looking at? His so cute.

Gentle giant, so majestic.

He would not share his food with me, how rude!

Just sat here chilling.
I always enjoy hanging out with the animal kingdom there easier to tolerate than humans! I had a lovely day with my friends and Im sure we will go back at some point. 

Whats your favourite day trips to do with your friends ?