About Me

About Me? I'm just going to write a random not very thought out monologue of facts about me. 

I love talking to people but for only short periods of time and then I need some quite time, I'm easily distracted, I talk with my hands, As a child/teenager I struggled with the fear of embarrassment it stopped me doing many things, I spend way to many hours looking at camera's, I once electrocuted myself, I find butterfly's calming and majestic, I have a tattoo and I'm thinking about having it coloured in hmm? I love being creative and using my hands to make something but I never stick with the same activity for more than 3 months, I once tried to bungee jump out my window don't worry I come to my senses and didn't do it, I'm a night owl and have struggled with insomnia since I was a toddler, I actually enjoy physical activity, I consider Malta to be my second home, It takes a lot to offend me, I like frosting with a hint of cupcake, Now that I've left school I actually enjoy learning, I cant cook and when it goes wrong I have a habit of throwing it everywhere, I was about 7 when I first become fascinated about the idea of travelling when listening to travel stories from a family member, One of my college tutors nicknamed me 'Smiler' on the first day of college as I didn't stop smiling, I don't have favourite any things, I was named Jade for the first hour of my life, I'm very nostalgic, I like going to 'Toys R Us' and playing on the toys, I have a hard time understanding numbers, I enjoy making people laugh, I'm sarcastic, Dresses make me feel naked, I once did my art homework in an English lesson in 10mins and I got the best grade Id ever had in art proving my point that art should not be graded and it means nothing, I don't drink alcohol, I like hugs, I believe dreams can come true, miracles do happen and unicorns do in fact exist.

So that's me :)           

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